Summer start in Telangana and AP

        At present, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are the hottest pocket in the country. Off late, mercury has been soaring steeply and day temperatures are settling in mid 30s.

Most of the places across the two states are witnessing above normal temperatures by at least 4-6 degrees.

According to Skymet Weather, no relief is likely in coming days as well. Moreover, day maximums are likely to rise further and settle in high 30s. Some places may even touch 40°C mark.

High day temperatures during February are not very rare but this time they have been exceptionally higher. Usually during first half of February, maximum temperatures settle in low 30s. While during the other half, they are recorded in mid-30s.

Weather over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is no different from the other parts of the country that have unusually warm winter this season.

The region is also inching closer to the Pre-Monsoon season. As per Skymet Weather, increase in day temperatures may lead to increased amount of Pre-Monsoon activity over the region.

Let us have a look at the maximum temperatures recorded across the region on Tuesday.