Mana Telangana Education: Major Changes in Graduate Courses Next Year

Graduate courses of study in Telangana are going to have major changes after a gap of five years. With the updated syllabus, 57 subjects will have new textbooks for the coming academic year. After 2008-09 academic year, this is going to be the first major update.

The TS Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) already sent the updated syllabus to the Telugu Akademi for printing new textbooks on seven subjects which include Public Administration, Political Science, History, Commerce and Physics. New syllabus of several other subjects has also been prepared and the draft sent to the state universities for approval by their respective boards of studies.

Once the universities give their nod, the revised syllabi of these subjects too will be sent to the Telugu Akademi for printing, according to a senior official at TSCHE. The entire process is expected to be concluded in a couple of months so that new textbooks will be available by the beginning of the new academic year.

As per existing provisions, the syllabus has to be altered once every five years. After the last update in 2008-09, changes were to be made in 2014-15. But the post-bifurcation developments in AP and TS delayed the process. Introduction of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was another reason for the delay.

Some subjects like Telugu and Social Sciences were updated with lessons in history and culture of TS replacing that of the erstwhile AP state. But other subjects remained the same. Considering the changes due to CBCS, the TSCHE has now planned to bring new textbooks for other courses too.