Telangana State New Industrial Policy Framework

The State considers industrial growth as a means to mitigate poverty and unemployment. Industrial development promotes higher capital formation; raises wage incomes to higher levels; and absorbs surplus workforce, bottled up in rural areas, to industry.

To realize these benefits and hasten up the socio-economic changes, industrial development has been accorded as top priority by the State government. The Telangana State Industrial policy has identified the following thrust sectors for Industrial Development which are: The Telangana State Government has conducted detailed studies and consulted experts to identify the competitive advantages the State can have, given its geographical location, available resources and skill-base, raw material availability, existing manufacturing practices, and expertise... opening up new opportunities.

Accordingly, the Telangana State Government recognizes the 14 sectors as thrust areas; investments in which will be accorded a higher priority over others as they have high potential for export growth.
Other Policies & Schemes

Life Sciences Policy: 

Framework of the new Policy is to achieve the following objectives; the Policy will utilize nine specific policy instruments directly impacting the life sciences sector: Keeping in view this, the Government of Telangana wishes to promote this sector through a comprehensive policy covering the entire range of Life Sciences including biotechnology, pharma, nutraceuticals and medical devices. The present policy has the following objectives:

1. Enhancing the competitiveness of the sector through appropriate policy to make Telangana the most preferred destination for life science activities,
2. Attracting new investments worth Rupees 20,000 crore (approximately USD 3 billion) in the sector by 2020,
3. The state proposes to capture 20 percent share of the $100 billion market opportunity of India by 2025 with $13.5 billion share by 2020,
4. Exports target of Rupees 50,000 crore by 2020,
5. Creating an additional employment opportunity for 50,000 skilled personnel in the sector
6. Promoting applied R&D and innovation through bridging the gap between industry, academia, and R&D institutions
7. Promotion and strengthening of quality infrastructure

Incentives& Concessions: 

In order to promote the state in terms of Economic Growth, the Government of Telangana has offered various incentives/benefits to all new eligible industrial Enterprises set up in the State under its T-IDEA (Telangana State Industrial Development and Entrepreneur Advancement) incentive scheme2014which would include the following growth enabling Incentives:
•    Stamp duty reimbursement
•    Land cost rebate
•    Land conversion cost
•    Power cost reimbursement
•    Investment subsidy
•    VAT reimbursement
•    Interest subsidy
•    Seed capital for 1st generation entrepreneur
•    Training and skill development
•    cost reimbursement
•    Quality/patent support
•     Clean production measures
•    Reimbursement of infrastructure development costs