Telangana ku Haritha Haaram : When can people see the effect of Haritha Haaram programme

On the eve of launch of the greenery drive Haritha Haaram, Telangana’s principal chief conservator of forests SBL Misra tells Express ‘Telangana ku Haritha Haaram’ aims at increasing green cover in the State from 24 per cent to 33 per cent. About 230 crore seedlings and saplings will be planted. Excerpts:

When can people see the effect of Haritha Haaram programme?

The effect will be visible within five months. But the challenge is helping the trees survive and thrive. And this is where participation of people is important. Every individual should own trees.

Money spinner plants or plants which provide livelihood to people? What is the priority?

Farmers choose teak wood, some choose sandalwood. We could not take Red Sanders plantation as the programme started in November. In forests,  plantation of indigenous species is our primary concern - it is about conserving environment and biodiversity.

Fruit bearing trees in forests is being pitched as a strategy to lure monkeys back to forests. Will this work?

Fruit bearing trees grow on their own, even if you don’t water them. The requirement is protection. If an area is protected from grazing, fires, hacking, saplings will grow on their own.

Where can people see rows of colour plants, and how much time it would take?

The HMDA is planning to cover the whole Outer Rind Road stretch with multiple rows of multi-coloured flowering plants. It would take at least four to five years to see flowers bloom.