Pawan Kalyan Response on Cash For Vote Scam & Section 8 (FULL SPEECH)

Jana Sena Party chief and Actor Pawan Kalyan Response on Cash For Vote Scam & Section 8 (FULL SPEECH), finally made his comments on Section 8 and Cash For Vote Scam and also shared his views on the ongoing political events.

– I’m totally against to the imposing of Section 8 in Hyderabad. Now that the new state of Telangana is formed, let it enjoy its freedom. Personally, I don’t see there is any scope for implementing Section 8.

– At the same time, KCR must ensure that only special state is formed and not special country. Going by his oath, he should see to it that he treats all the citizens alike without any favouritism.

– KCR has taken first big step by appointing Anand Sai as the designer for Yadadri. It’s major step in sending signals of peace. – AP state has been betrayed. It’s high time its MPs, leaders and all politicians should fight.

– Both UPA and NDA were equally responsible for bifurcating AP in haphazard way. They’ve to compensate for the loss incurred to AP.

– People of AP should realise that Telangana with Hyderabad as capital is reality. So, it’s better they should stop claiming Hyderabad as their capital.

– The political battle between TDP and TRS should confine to them. Centre must act now. Else this might lead into a civil unrest.

– An unsolved problem would lead to crisis and an unsolved crisis would lead to a disaster. Centre should act before this turns into disaster.

– For the past one month, both the governments were busy in mudslinging. Had they focused on the woes of people, it’d have been better.

– I don’t have personal rivalry with anyone. All I have with politicians is ideological differences.

– Don’t use the word “Andhrollu” while blaming TDP or Chandrababu Naidu or me. If you want to point out them, point out them directly.

Pawan Kalyan says I’m Against Section 8 ( Pawan Kalyan Speach on 7 July 2015 )