Schools reopen in Telangana from Tomorrow

Both Private and Government schools in Telangana will reopen on June 12 Even amidst enormous pressure from the private schools and teachers’ union to postpone the reopening date, Telangana State Government would reopen on the scheduled date. Following June 12, the next two days are holidays – June 13, 14 are Second Saturday and Sunday.

A School teacher stated that the schools should open on Monday – June 15 instead of reopening on Friday and then closing schools again for two days. Telangana Private School Managements Association president S. Srinivasa Reddy said that the academic schedule and year is in a state of confusion and the reopening dates were said to be postponed however, that is not happening.

TS school education commissioner T. Chiranjeevulu confirmed the reopening date as June 12 and also added that the teachers won’t be given breaks on the holiday due to the training sessions scheduled for headmasters and teachers.