New Excise policy in Telangana Soon

50% rise in liquor sales in towns and villages

Cheers ! Liquor outlets to be available ‘on demand’ soon 

  • Government to roll out new Excise policy on July 1
  • Number of outlets to go up from 2,200 to 3,000 across the state
  • Plan to allow shops to sell ‘desi daaru’ 
  • New policy’s main objective is to rake in Rs 12,000 crore  
  • Suggestion to reduce licence fee for shops in Hyderabad

In view of  increased alcohol consumption in villages and, with an eye on  more revenues from the liquor sales, the Telangana state government had proposed to bring in a more flexible ‘ new Excise policy- 2015’  this year. Under the proposed policy, licensed wine shops would be opened on ‘demand’ across the state. Initially, the number of licensed liquor outlets would be increased to 3000 from the present 2200 and also allow the shops to sell ‘ desi daaru’ ( cheap liquor/ arrack).

The draft policy prepared by the Excise department suggested government to increase the  number of wine shops particularly in towns and major gram panchayats where the liquor consumption increased by almost 50 per cent when compared to the municipal corporations and other major cities  in the state.        

The officials explained in the draft policy that increasing the number of licensed shops would not only help to curb the illegal sale of  spirits through belt shops  ( illegal outlets)  in the villages and towns  but also contain the sale of  ID ( Illicitly Distilled)  liquor and NDPL ( Non Duty Paid Liquor) being smuggled from neighbouring states in the  border districts resulting a loss of Rs 100 crore revenue every month.

The officials of the Excise department told The Hans India that the draft policy also recommended to the government to allow the liquor outlets to sell cheap liquor  in view of the  increasing demand for it in the villages. The main objective of the new liquor policy is “ to plug the loopholes in the previous Excise policy and generate Rs 12,000 crore revenue next year as against Rs 10,000 crore earned this year.”

Under the new Excise policy which begins from July 1, the department also proposed to increase the term of the licensed liquor outlets to two years from one year. The officials suggested to reduce the license fee in Hyderabad where Rs 90 lakh has been levied as fee to run each shop.

Owing to exorbitant fee structure, as many as 60 shops have not been auctioned in the city last year. The draft policy has been sent to the Chief Minister’s  Office (CMO)  which already done a study and approved the policy with minor  amendments.  A final decision on the implementation would be taken   by the Chief  Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in 10 days .