Naan and Paan Festival: Telangana State Tourism and UNWTO

“Telangana Naan & Paan Festival" 6-7 June

“Hyderabad Tourism” facilitates the Telangana State Tourism and UNWTO. Our Purpose and aims are to add Value to the State Tourism Department & Corporation and thus working towards developing that also facilitates UNWTO.Hyderabad Tourism has been designed to help City Tourism services, businesses and destinations get the best from their workforce, deliver the best possible visitor experience, grow tourism by working together, and ensure a sustainable industry.

Following are our Focus Areas:

A. Understanding the Tourist Experience & Expectations.

B. People Excellence

C. Sustainability of Tourism

D. Tourism Next Level Approach

E. Growing Destinations

F. Business Excellence

G. Fostering Innovations

H. Continual Improvement of Tourism

I. Bringing Awareness on Importance of Tourism

Following are Some Activities of Hyderabad Tourism:

1. Launching a logo on “Hyderabad Tourism”. The Logo would lead to creating different products for Tourist. Souvenir Items on Hyderabad and Telangana.

2. Incorporating new and innovative theme Festivals for Telangana State Tourism. Currently executing“Telangana Naan & Paan Festival”in association with Telangana Tourism Department at City Center Mall, Jun 6th – 7th 2015.

3. Awareness Campaigns on Hyderabad Heritage Sites. Like “Save Charminar” Campaign.

4. To Establish the Research Center on Improving Tourism and Innovate New Tourism Concepts.

5. Approached UNWTO on Innovation Awards and shared the Idea on Incorporating the very new “World Wedding Tourism (WWT)”. This Project would impact World Wide Tourism Industry.

6. Publishing Books that helps the State Tourism. We recently published aBook titled as “Charminar in Replica of Paradise”. Two More Books are in Pipeline.

7. Coming up with Documentaries that would add value to State Tourism.

8. Training, Building the Guides across the City and generating the Quality & Branded Employment.

9. Making Hyderabad as “Food Capital of India” Destination. A Theme Food Park that would add one more Tourist destination and a unique place in the Hyderabad | Telangana Region.

10. National & International Level Commercial Documentary / Movie on Great Dynasties like Kakatiyas, QutubShahis&Asaf Jahis. This will have a great impact and motivate the tourists all around the nation and world.


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