Mana Telangana Mana Ruchulu: Telangana food festival

A thali with a variety served in style can surely add a new twist to the taste of curries and fries to be offered on a platter. Firdaus, at Taj Krishna is geared to welcome a new inclusion in their menu.

The thali is a selection of curries, fries and a few starters. The selection for the combination is well thought out. It was served with a majiga, ulavacharu and a majiga pulusu. So, how does a fish fry from Telangana differ from fish fries elsewhere? ‘The marination is simple and is more spicy in Telangana variety’ explains the chef. As part of the starters they had a portion of skewered chicken as well.

Firdaus wasn’t trying to palm off biryani as a part of the fest, instead chose to highlight Bagara annam (masala flavoured rice). A good thought, as it goes perfectly well with the Kuntikura mamsam and the Palak pappu.

The natukodi pulusu is made well. The flavour differs and cannot be dismissed as chicken cooked in a common ‘red’ gravy. Tangy, yet fiery the curry is a semi runny and can be best enjoyed with your finger letting the gravy mix with the rice.

For vegetarians, the menu came with a chamagadda pulusu, alugadda koora, besides the regular pappu and the flavoured rice.

The desserts for the thalis were common and was limited to bhakshalu and gajjalu with a generous smear of desi ghee. The Telangana thali fest at Firdaus will end today.