Anti terrorism training for :Telangana Police

Following recent terror attacks and potential threats, the TS police has changes its tactics. District police departments have started advanced anti-terrorism training programmes for their personnel. The programme includes weapons training, hand-to-hand combat and urban anti-militant operations.

After the Nalgonda gun battle between cops and terror suspects, an assessment of police forces in the districts revealed the poor performance of the cops in combat skills. TS top cops said that new bullet-proof jackets and arms have been given to the police, and periodic training has been made compulsory so that they can tackle terror attacks.

A special inspection team has also been formed by each district SP to carry out periodic checks on weapons used by the police officials. If an officer is found not maintaining his weapon properly, he will be given a memo by the SP.

Quick Reaction Teams have been put in place at major towns in each district. The district police has also decentralised the supply of logistics in order to ensure that every police station has enough bullet-proof vests and other ammunition.

“All cops in Armed Reserve now have to undergo a two-day outdoor training programme every week. Intense training sessions are held for the officials who use small weapons like pistols,” said Medak SP B. Sumathi.

The cops in districts have also got high-tech interceptor vehicles at vulnerable points. “Armed men are ready with interceptor vehicles. These teams can respond to any major alert in a short time,” said a senior official from Nalgonda district police.

“When we did an internal assessment of our men, many were found to have poor skills in different combats. So we designed a training schedule to overcome this weakness. Self-Loading Rifle training for head constables and constables, and 9mm pistol training for SIs and senior officials were organised,” said a senior official from state police headquarters. The training also included physical exercise and yoga classes.Apart from counter intelligence, the district police have also intensified their local intelligence.