How to Find Your lost Windows Phone on Google

Somehow you lost your Windows Phone. It might have been stolen, or it could be down the back of a chair in your local pub. How will you get it back? Hopefully, you enabled the native Find My Phone setting before you were separated from your phone. If you did, you can now use the web-based service to retrieve it. 

How To Find Your Lost Andriod Phone On Google

Follow Below Steps to Find Your Windows Phone throw Online:

Phone Settings:

First you Need to sign in with Microsoft account in your mobile phone

Get your lost Phone by  Using your Computer:

  • On your computer, go to
  • Point to the phone in the top-right corner, then click Find My Phone. If you're prompted, sign in with the same Microsoft account you used to sign in on your phone.

  • You'll see a map with your phone's location. You can zoom in or out to get a better view.

  1. Not seeing the latest location? Click Refresh.
  2. If you'd like to make a hard copy of your phone's location, click Print.
  3. If you've scrolled around on the map and lost track of your phone's location on it, click Centre on map.

To ring or lock your phone

  • To make your phone ring, click Ring and then follow the instructions. It will ring even if the volume is off or set to vibrate.
  • To lock your phone and show a message on the lock screen, click Lock, then follow the instructions. If you don't already have a password set up on your phone, you'll need to enter one – you'll use it to unlock the phone if you get it back.

To erase your phone

If you're absolutely, positively sure, tick the I'm sure! Please erase my phone now checkbox, then click Erase.

It's a good idea to let your mobile operator know that you've lost your phone.

To change settings for Find My Phone

You can set up Find My Phone to save your location every few hours, or to use push notifications instead of text messages to send commands (and apps) to your phone faster and more cheaply. You'll change these settings on your phone, not on your computer.
  1. In the App list, tap Settings, then tap Find my phone.
  2. Tick either or both of the following checkboxes:
  • Always use push notifications (not SMS) to send commands and apps to my phone. The Find My Phone service and the Windows Phone Store on the web use text messaging to send commands and apps to your phone. Tick this option to use push notifications instead. Why? Push notifications can be faster than text messages, and if your mobile operator charges you for each incoming text message, push notifications might also be cheaper. Also, Find My Phone can only send 15 text messages to your phone in a three-day period. With push notifications, there's no limit.
  • Save my phone's location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find. Microsoft can save your phone's location details every few hours so that if your phone is out of range or the battery dies, we can still show your phone's last known location on a map.


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