After Exams: How children will keep themselves engaged for the next few months

With the examination season coming to an end, attention is now on how children will keep themselves engaged for the next few months. Gone are days when vacations were all about play. Today, children are utilizing their vacations polishing their skills, planning careers or giving back to society. 

Students have increasingly started to enroll for activities and classes to help improve their skills for the upcoming academic year. "I am planning to take commerce in class XI, so the best way to spend time during the vacations is to strengthen my mathematics skills, which I will need extensively over the next few years. I have joined a Vedic Maths class, which keeps me busy for five days of the week for the next three months," said Suraj Nair, a class X student and resident of Kalyan. 

Various activity classes related to mathematics, language and reading and robotics are available for students to choose from. 

Volunteering with social causes is also popular among students. Deepak S, who is in class XII, has joined a Rotaract club in his vicinity so he can engage in its activities. "Apart from watching TV and playing games, there is still a lot time to spare and the best way to use it is by participating in a social cause. The club has various initiatives like teaching street kids and clean-up drives," he said. 

Students who completed the board exams are also queuing up for mental health experts, to convince their parents on their choice of career. 

"We have almost one child coming in everyday, some of them who take appointments on their own. These children want us to convince parents that the career choice that he/she made is right," clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany said. 

However, there continue to be students who want to spend their vacations having fun. "The class X break is the only time you do not have any entrance exam or immediate tests to look forward to. So, apart from swimming regularly, I have decided to explore the city and have fun. I started with a trip to see South Mumbai's historic buildings," said Rajani Mehta.