Telangana: Work permits must for engineering faculty

The engineering faculty in Telangana will be allowed to work in colleges affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) only if they get a work permit from the varsity. The university on Wednesday asked all the faculty of its 350 affiliated colleges to register in a website, where they were asked to upload their academic certificates for verification, officials said.

The move comes at a time when engineering colleges are resorting to fraud by listing ghost faculty members on their pay rolls. Varsity authorities said that in recent inspections, several such cases of fraud have been detected. About 16 engineering college managements are facing criminal charges after they fooled students by listing ghost faculty on their website. Colleges were also found to be sharing faculty members to trick inspection officers from JNTU.

"While existing faculty members will have to register on the website as soon as possible, even those who want to take up a teaching job will have to register first on the website before applying for a position of lecturer," said NV Ramana Rao, JNTU registrar.

The varsity plans to cross-verify qualifications of the teaching staff with certificates they provide. "We wish to curb fake certificate racketeers from taking up teaching jobs," Rao added.

Earlier, private college managements had also filed cases against fraudsters who had procured jobs using fake certificates. "Once the scanned copies of certificates are uploaded, the authenticity of the same will be verified by experts in JNTU," the registrar said. Also under watch will be backgrounds of the faculty and their experience.

"Once the registration is completed, the faculty should update information about job changes too. This way JNTU will be able to calculate their years of experience with precision," Rao said, adding that the move will also monitor salaries in engineering colleges. While several engineering college claim to pay their faculty as per the national pay commission's recommendations, JNTU had received multiple complaints that the teaching staff is almost always underpaid in these colleges.

"Each of the faculty will be asked to upload details of their salaries, including basic pay. This will help us keep track of the payment scheme in engineering colleges," the registrar said. As the coming academic year will commence in June, faculty registrations will have to be completed by May end.

Final Words

While the move by JNTU is timely, considering the rising cases of fraud and ghost faculty in colleges, a deadline should be set for all faculty members to register themselves. Strong action should be taken against those who fail to complete the process within the specified time frame.