students safety: Jyothismathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) college novel idea

The Jyothismathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) college, has made it mandatory for all its student to wear helmets while riding motorcycles. This is for the safety for the students, the management says.

If any student comes to college on motorcycle without wearing helmet, his vehicle will not be allowed into the college campus. The student has to park the vehicle quite some distance away from the college and walk to the college. This rule of wearing helmet is mandatory even for the faculty and other employees of the JITS college. The college management marks absent in the register if the faculty and other staff come to college on motorcycle without wearing helmet. Similarly, putting on the seat belt while driving a car is also compulsory in this college.

Following incidents of road accidents some years ago and students succumbing to the head injuries while driving motorcycles, JITS chairman J Sagar Rao have strict instructions to students and the faculty members to wear helmet while driving motorcycle about four years ago. Initially, there was some resistance from the students, but they have made it a habit to wear helmets.

Talking to “The Hindu” on Thursday, JITS chairman J Sagar Rao said that “I had not made any new rules. But, instructed the students and others to follow the government rules of wearing helmet for the safety of the person strictly and it is also yielding results”. Majority of the deaths in accidents were caused due to head injuries and wearing of helmet would reduce the casualties, he said and added that parents were also extending full support for this initiative. He also said that they regularly conduct traffic awareness programmes for the benefit of student community and also importance of wearing helmets. Sravan, a third year student of EEE group of the college, said that he was wearing helmet eversince he joined the college and feeling best. After all, the management had instructed us to wear helmet for our safety only, he maintained. Similarly, another student Abdul of second year EEE group said that he was wearing helmet to the college and also while driving motorcycle to other parts of the town.

Wearing helmet had become a habit for me and my parents also feel proud of my safety measures, he added.