Janda Pai Kapiraju: Movie Review

Janda Pai Kapiraju, which was postponed for several times, has finally managed to reach the big-screens this Ugadi, clearing its financial hurdles. Nani has teamed up with Shambo Shiva Shambo fame P. Samuthirakani for the film. Does Janda Pai Kapiraju impress the Telugu audiences. Read the review below.

Janda Pai Kapiraju-Story

Aravind (Nani) is a sincere guy who is against corruption. In the process of his fight against corruption, he gets into the bad books of Ministers. His righteousness and sincerity brings him only troubles from the evil people including his look alike Maya Kannan. How does Arvind manage to win the battle against all odds is the rest of the story.
Nani delivers his best in two distinct roles, as an honest and sincere guy, and other as dishonest person, who follows illegal route. This is the first time Nani played dual roles, and he acts with ease in both the challenging roles, especially he shows new style of his acting in the negative shaded Maya Kannan role.
Amala Paul looks beautiful, and she plays the role naturally. Ragini Dwivedi leaves her mark in the brief role, and is attractive in the song. Sarath Kumar as usual rocked the CBI officer role, while Shiva Balaji gives a convincing performance. Vennela Kishore does a commendable job. Others were adequate.


Cinematography is on top-notch, while GV Prakash’s musical scores are entertaining. The background score is as asset to the film. Director Samuthirakani’s direction is good and Shashank’s dialogues are neatly penned. The film looked too long and lot of dragged scenes could’ve been chopped off by the editing department. Production values are standard.
Director Samuthirakani comes up with a tried and tested story line with Jenda Pai Kapiraju, interlacing the social-message to it. However, the way he has shaped up Nani’s roles is quite interesting, and he is perfect as the lead. The film is Nani’s show all the way, and he is the major asset.
The film takes off on a slow note to unfold the proceedings, and few of the dragged scenes in the first hour could’ve been edited well. The pre-interval bang is executed quite well, and it raises the expectations on the second half. With the main twists getting revealed, the second half looks slightly slowed down and the screenplay is predictable.
The film looked too long, with unnecessary incorporation of commercial elements. The way the social-message is interwoven in to the proceedings is commendable, but the movie gets too preachy at times. Jenda Pai Kapiraju could’ve been engaging, had the happenings moved on at rapid pace, without unnecessary dragged scenes. All in all, Jenda Pai Kapiraju is watchable for Nani’s brilliant performance.

Last Word

Janda Pai Kapiraju: Nani is the saving grace!!!