How to add Live Cricket Score Board to your web site or Blogger

Want to add  Live cricket Score board to web site or blogger , its very easy Just follow our steps to get live score board on your web or blogger .

Step: 1

Click here to Open live cricket Score web

Step : 2

Enter your web or Domain Name in Domain Name field 
 eg;  Or

Enter Your Email_ID 

Note : email id must be Register with that domain 

Select Language 

Select Team as : All Team 

Select Score Board Size , which size is more comfort to your web choose that size 

Finally click on GENERATE THE CODE button to get HTML code 


You can Simply You can Copy below Code :

 <iframe style="overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:auto;" src="" width="650" height="800" marginheight='0' frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Note it shows like below image 

Step : 3

Select Layout to edit layout on your blogger , then choose " Add a Gadget " Button to open widget Window 

Step : 4

Now Choose " HTML/JavaScript " widget  to add the code which you get after you click on " GENERATE THE CODE "  and save the script 

Step : 5

Now you Can Drag That  " HTML/JavaScript " to where you want to show the score board on your blogger 

Watch Live Streaming  Click Here


  1. For live cricket score board, there are other widgets available. But, this is very arbitrary. The length, width and height of the widget can be easily adjusted. Also, the widget is responsive to many blogger themes.


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