Telangana : Hyderabad Police has caught red-handed for prostitution

The Hyderabad police has caught Mumbai based model along with two organisers red-handed for indulging in Prostitution in a posh hotel in Banjara Hills. 

According to police, two persons brought a Mumbai based model and kept her in a post Ohri's hotel at MLA's colony in Banjara hills and running prostitution. on a tip off the police raided the Ohri's hotel and caught the model and two organizers and took them into custody however they were no customers during the raid, it is not a new thing in the Ohri's hotel that prostitution is taking place earlier also police raided several times and given warning to the Management but the staff with the support of Management are indulging in the illegal activities to make quick bucks.


  1. how can a prostitution be proved without customer. In this country law punished the lady who sell the sex but not the buyer who buy this with force or money.


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