Eucation : TS CM to visit Singapore next month

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao will visit Singapore next month at the invitation of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Alumni Association. The association extended an invitation to Rao to attend its conference scheduled Aug 22-23, said a statement from the chief minister’s office. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other dignitaries are also scheduled to attend the event.

This will be the first foreign tour by Rao since he took over as the first chief minister of Telangana on June 2. KCR, as Rao is popularly known, is said to be the first chief minister of any Indian state to be invited to the meet. As the chief minister is formulating the industrial policy of Telangana on the lines of Singapore’s policy, he would use the visit to study the model and hold talks with the Singapore government.

KCR, during his visit, will explain the features of his industrial policy and will invite investments into Telangana. The association congratulated KCR for playing a key role in formation of separate Telangana state and becoming the first chief minister of the new state.

The association noted that KCR is leading the state on the path of development by formulating an innovative industrial policy. The chief minister is also planning a development board on the lines of Singapore Development Board. According to the chief minister’s office, the association invited him to speak on the investment opportunities in Telangana and the proposed industrial policy. The alumni association assured that it would arrange facilitate a meeting with CEOs of various firms.