Mana Telangana: Hyderabad metro cost rises by 2000 crs

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is going to alter the route of prestigious Hyderabad Metro Rail. This might delay the project completion time and escalate the project cost by 2000 Crores following the directions of Telangana Chief Minister to make the project partially underground.

According to sources, KCR issued oral directions to the L&T authorities to stop the works on Chaderghat - Khairtabad stretch which he wants to go underground instead of elevated corridor. Though the news could not be confirmed from official sources, L&T is waiting for an official communication from the Telangana Government on KCR’s proposal.

L&T sources say that KCR's proposal was not practical due to technical reasons besides escalating the costs by over Rs 2,000 crore and entire project would be delayed by at least five years. 

Chaderghat to Khairtabad stretch is of about 8 kilometres and the HMR authorities will have install nearly 30 pillars per kilometre for the project. So far, nearly 60 pillars have already been installed on the stretch at a cost of over Rs 50-60 lakh each. If the project goes underground, the demolition of these pillars would cost nearly Rs 1 crore per pillar. To take the metro rail underground, the HMR authorities would have to dig the entire stretch 20-25 metres deep. The depth will be nearly 30-35 metres at the stations. It will also require an area of 4-5 acres radius at the starting point of digging. The depth will be 30-40 metres near the railway tracks. Therefore, the digging of underground route for the metro rail will be time consuming and costly affair. Further, the entire stretch of 8 KM will have to be close down for traffic to carryout digging. 

The HMR and L&T authorities have written a letter to the Principal Secretary of Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department seeking clarification on the views expressed by the Chief Minister.