How to Speed Up Computer with Run commands

Run Commands to Speed up Computer:

There are many Run commands to operate the computer and open different folders or programs. When I searched web I found nearly 350 commands put all those are not necessary simply use the commands which I have given.

In the 'start up' search Run and type the following commands and delete the files that appear.

Function Command
Add/remove programs appwiz.cpl
Temporary files %Temp%
Temporary computer fetching files Prefetch
Recent files recent
Display cache ipconfig
Disk clean up Utility cleanmgr
Disk Defragment dfrg.msc (Xp), dfrgui(Vista)

( This is not much recommended because computer stores all the required data in small files. )

 While deleting the above files/folders some files won’t get deleted let them be they won’t make any sense.

These are some of the basic steps we need to do when our computer is running slow. If you know any further run commands to make your computer faster please mention in the comment box.