How to see saved password in Mozilla firefox

 It is kind of trick that most of us not aware of.  Using this trick, you can just view the "saved passwords" in the mozilla firefox.

You remember the "Remember password" which will be asked by Firefox whenever you successfully logged into a website?! If someone accept it, then the password will be stored locally in the firefox.  What we are going to do is get that password.

Let's say you are visiting a public Internet cafe or your friend's system , you can just the follow the following steps and view the saved passwords.


  • click the "Tools" option in menu bar.

  • Select "Options"

  • It will open the small window, now you just have to Select the "security" tab
  • There, you can see the "saved Passwords" button

  • Once you clicked the button, it will popup another small window.
  • It will provide the list of sites with usernames

  • Select any particular site and click the "show Password"
  • Yes, now you can view the password :)

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