How to Download Youtube Videos

4 Ways To Download Videos From YouTube For Free

YouTube is the best video sharing service and is used by more than a billion users over a months period. YouTube has great and very vast collection of videos, and lets you view and enjoy them at absolutely no cost. The only problem with YouTube is that you can not see YouTube videos offline, this is because it does not provides you with an option to download YouTube videos. But we have gathered 8 different ways of downloading them.

How To Download Videos From YouTube

Downloading YouTube videos is not much difficult as it may seem. Just changing the YouTube video’s URL could do the trick, or if you like plugins/extensions, then clicking a link will let you download them too. We also got our hands on an application that can download YouTube videos and you can also queue multipe videos. Use the way you feel confortable with, we have plenty of them.

1. Using KeepVid To Download YouTube Videos

KeepVid is a very popular website for downloading online videos. The website supports dozens of video sharing websites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook and many others. The website lets you download any YouTube video in many different formats with many different video qualities. You can also download audio from any video online using KeepVid.

LINK: KeepVid

2. Download YouTube Videos With ClipGrab (Free Application)

If you are more of a desktop lover (like me) and you prefer desktop applications to get things done, then ClipGrab is your best bet. The application can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other video streaming services. The application supports wide range of formats including MPEG, MP3 and the original format in which the video was uploaded, besides others. You also get the option to choose the quality of the downloaded video.

The best thing about using this application is that you can queue any number of videos and they will download simultaneously. You can also set it to display a notification whenever a video is downloaded or when the application completes downloading all the videos. The application also has a search area where you can search for YouTube videos and download them.
The application is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

3. Download YouTube Videos With The PWN Trick

I earlier wrote an article on how you can easily download YouTube videos without installing any extension/plugin/software in your browser/system. The single step includes the addition of “pwn” before “youtube” in any YouTube video URL.
  • Original URL:
  • Changed URL:

4. Using

Another way of downloading any YouTube video is to paste the YouTube video’s URL in the input box below. The URL can be copied from the browser’s address bar and it looks something like: